Brigandine arms protection

Universal set, which is protect and well suited for both single and massive battles.

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The kit consists of:

  • brigandine bracers
  • steel elbows
  • brigandine biceps
  • semicircular shoulders

Brigandine bracers and biceps are made of a large number of long plates that lie one upon the other and are attached to the cloth base. Such a construction gives a very good mobility and protection to the brigande armor – it will suit comfortably on your hand and cover it from all sides, and the overlapping plates will allow them to better hold the punch. Each element is painted black to protect the steel from rusting. The cloth base consists of two layers, fastened together – a lasting tarpaulin on the inside and wool on the outside. This makes it wear resistant and more durable. The brigande protection is attached to the gambeson with the help of an armpoint and is fastened with leather strap on the arm.

We made sharp elbow pads, with a side petal of hardened steel. This is a basic and convenient protection for your elbows. The lightweight and simple design of the model provides perfect mobility, and the acute shape of the armor will allow hits to slip down and lose strength. The elbow pads can be hang with armpoints to the gambeson and fasten a leather strap around your arm. So you will not have a gap in the armor, and the protection of the elbow will not slip during the battle.

Our semicircular shoulder pad is a solid steel cup that completely covers the joint. We intentionally make it bigger to get rid of the gap between the shoulder and the body protection, which may appear when you fight in a buhurt.

Brigantine armor is very practical to use – it just folds up, is comfortable in combat, and easy to transport. And last but not least, this is a small price. If you need high-quality armor, but you do not want to spend a lot of money, then this option will suit you.

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Hardened steel, Titanium