Briganted arms set (forearms elbows and biceps protection)


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Functional wearable medieval suit of briganted arms.
Brigandine forearms, elbows and biceps.
Two main features makes this set a good choice for buhurts and all types of full contact activities:
  1. Large anatomically shaped plates. Both forearms and biceps made of 4 segments that allows it to absorb much more damage than regular small-plated briganted armor parts.
  2. Gaps-free adjusting system. Elbows connected to forearms and biceps with 2 sets of laces so it makes it reliable and there are no position that opens a gap for your opponents.
  3. Plates covered with layer of foam to absorb even more damage in case of heavy strikes.
The measurements required to make a set for you:
A,B, M, N, V, W, T – all with your gambezone on you.
Perfectly works with steel shoulders or paldtrons.
Please note: in all editions the elbows made of hardened steel due to safety reasons.
Each set could be done in your measurements and custom color.

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Hardened steel, Titanium