Laminar shoulder protection (Rus)


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We offer you the option of armor to protect the shoulder. This model is part of the armor set for Rus warrior and fits perfectly for Eastern armored hands.

Universal model that is well suited for both single fight and buhurts. The armor is made of a large number of long plates – lamellae, which lie one upon another and are attached to the leather base. Such design gives a good mobility and protection to the shoulder protection – it fits well on your arm, and close it from all sides, and overlapping the plates will allow them to better withstood a strike. The lamellas are made of titanium, a rustproof material that is lighter than steel but not inferior to it in strength. So the weight of the model is minimal. The leather base of the armor is more reliable than the cloth analog and will last longer. Laminar biceps are attached to the gambesone using armpoints and fastened with a leather strap on the arm.