Simple arm protection for shield


Steel protection for your arms. It can not be easier.


Measurements required:

A, B, M, N, W – please take them in your padding.

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Protection consists of two elbows pads and one bracer. Steel bracer completely closes your hand, and rolling makes it more comfortable to use. It is fastened around the hand on two leather straps and, due to the anatomical shape, fits well on the arm. The bracer is attached with a leather band to a semicircular elbow pad with a petal. There is no gap between them, and the hand is well protected. The second elbow pad is made without a petal, so that it is more convenient to use it with a shield. The armor is painted inside and the steel does not rust in this way.

This is the minimum and easiest choice for arm protection. Good option for warriors with a shield, because you do not need to wear a second bracer. The advantage of this armor – low weight and reliability.

Conveniently in buhurt and in the single battle – the main thing is to put on a shield.

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Basic (1 forearm, 2 elbow pads), Advanced (2 forearms + 2 elbows + additional elbow pad).