Shoulders + biceps blackened


Armor to protect the shoulder and biceps. This model protects you well and at the same time gives you mobility in battle. Such design completely close your biceps and shoulder from strikes in fight.

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The Shoulders + biceps blackened armor consist of a solid steel biceps and a shoulder pad.

They are fastened together with a leather strip, and the biceps protection is made with a cutout for the elbow pad. So the biceps will not have a gap with either an elbow or a shoulder when your arm moves. It is best to wear biceps protection over the elbow pads so that the arm is more mobile. The shoulder pad is a solid steel cup that completely covers joint. We intentionally make it bigger to get rid of the gap between the shoulder and the body protection, which may appear when you fight in a buhurt.

The shoulders + biceps blackened are suitable for battle and go well with any medieval arms protection. They keep your arms at safe and you can use a wide range of movements – connected biceps with a cup close arm almost to the elbow, remaining flexible, so that you are stay mobile and protected.