Titanium armor set for Rus warrior


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We offer you a option of medieval armor stylization for Rus warrior, XIV century.

The set consists of:

  • shell “Dovmont”
  • lamellar skirt
  • eastern arms protection
  • laminar shoulder protection

“Dovmont” consists of two parts, which are fastened with straps on the shoulders and sides. With this design, the armor is fitted and suits well on the fighter. The shell and skirt are made of square and rectangular plates riveted on a leather base. Together they form a solid protection which completely closes your body and pelvis from all sides. It will not prevent you from moving, or bendind. And no matter how you bend, there will be no gap in the armor, and you will remain protected.

Hand protection is a stylization made in oriental style, taking into account the features of modern sport. The brace is made on the basis of a variety of images on the type of “boat”. It completely covers your forearm and elbow, and the side rondel will protect you from hits to the inside of the elbow. To the brace we added an element that will cover your biceps and together they will not leave a gap in your defense.

The shoulder is protected by laminar biceps, that is made of a large number long plates. Such protection suits well on your arm, and close it from all sides. Laminar biceps is attached to the gambesone using armpoints and fastened with a leather strap on the arm. Perfect with eastern hand protection. Together they are comfortable for fighting – it does not limit your movements and gives good protection.

This armor has several advantages. Due to the overlap of the plates, the force of the impact is distributed over the area armor, losing its damage, and their location gives the armor a good mobility. It will not prevent you from moving, and you can maneuver in battle without any difficulty. The armor is made of titanium, a rustproof material that is lighter than steel but not inferior in strength. This is especially nice, since you can significantly lighten the weight of your equipment. The leather base of the armor is stronger than cloth analogue and will last longer.