Helmet Topfehlm “Griffon”

Best protection for your head.

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Topfehlm “Griffon” is a historical stylization made for medieval combat. The helmet is based on the 14th century tournament topfhelm. It protects well, has an optimal weight and good visibility.

Developing our model according to historical analogues, we did not try to make the exact same helmet. Our main goal was to create a medieval stylization that should protect well and make it easy to navigate in combat. Therefore, emphasis was placed on visibility, protection and convenience. We added a lot of holes on the visor to make it easier to breathe and you’ll be less tired during the fight. With holes near the ears, you can hear better. So you will be able to talk with allies and navigate in battle. The observation slit is made wider and closed with three jumpers. Due to this you will have a good overview in a fight and at the same time remain protected. With such a design, it is more difficult for weapons to penetrate defense to face. Topfhelm assembled using electric welding instead of rivets, and the dome of the helmet lies on top, forming an overlap on the seam. This original assembly solution makes helmet stronger and does not increase its weight.

This model is one of the most reliable and tested in the world. Helmet has successfully established itself in international competitions. Griffon Topfhelm is simple, firm, convenient and is perfect for any sportsmen, both beginner and experienced. For many years, it has been used by world-class fighters, winners of the BotN and World Championships of the IMCF. If you are order it, you can be confident in your head protection.