Neck protector


New awesome neck protector.

Material: Hardened steel
Measurements: 24x28cm
Weight: 465g

Could be attached to your armor on 3 pairs of laces of sewed to pelerine.
Price: 80€ (free shipping)


Price in titanium: 100€

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A little thing that can save your life.

The seventh vertebra remains the most vulnerable place in armor when you taking part in mass battles. Basic rondel will not be able to protect you from a strong strike, and from such a hit you can hardly stand on your feet. Perhaps, you will not be able to continue fight. Therefore we developed lightweight and mobile neck protection.

Protection consists of 3 plates that are overlapped. So the armor has more protection area and it is better able to withstand a hit. Plates are made of hardened steel – this material will keep your neck at safe. They are curved and fastened with leather straps. This gives them mobility, and so the protection will be better placed on the neck when you tilt your head.

Order and feel confident.

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Hardened steel, Titanium