Soft fist (2 items bundle)


Fist for training medieval combat or fo taking part into tournaments with soft armor. Perfect for frequent use with long service life.

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We create our soft equipment taking into account the features of the sport and it convenient to use. The fist is made of hard cloth on the outside and with a softener inside to protect hand. You can get hit by hand, or punch the opponent with your fist, in any case, you will not be hurt and your fingers will remain intact. The soft armor is stitched with a strong thread, have nice edging at the border and in the place where you grip the sword. So it will wear less and last you longer. In size, the fist is made slightly bigger than the hand of a fighter. With this design, it is easier to hold a training sword so that it does not fall out during the fight and convenient for you to punch.

We make our soft armor so that in the design of the soft and steel armor there are no significant differences, except for weight. Equipment allows you to fight in the closest possible conditions to the battles in armor and imitate it in training. The fist will protect the hand in constant training, with it you can practice both single and massive battles on the soft.