Steel sharp elbows


Comfortable, strong and reliable.

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Elbow pads, made of hardened steel, with a plate at the top and bottom. Steel elbows have a tested pointed shape, the strike on it easily slips and cause less damage. Also, we extended the petal with an elbow so that it covers the gap in the armor with the steel biceps and protects you from hit into the inside of the arm. Plates will help you to close the gap in your armor when you straighten and bend your arms. This often happens when you are fighting a one-on-one tournament and striking, or staying in an uncomfortable position in a buhurt. The plates are fastened with rivets, due to which they are mobile and do not interfere with the movements of your hands. The elbows are tied with laces to the gambeson and fastened with a leather straps to keep them in their place.