Steel gloves “hourglass”


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These mittens are a historical reconstruction of the mid-14th century, when European armor improved and the first version of gauntlets appeared. “Hourglass” gloves usually have one large plate covering the outside of the hand and partially thumb. Steel cuff, which expands, closes the gap between the glove and the bracer, and gives the mitten the characteristic hourglass shape.

In this model, solid anatomical plate protects your hand and knuckles, and the side plate covers the base of the thumb. Fingers are protected by small plates lying on top of each other with overlapping. The gap between the wrist band and the glove is closed with a brigandine cuff. “Hourglass” is fastened with 3 leather straps around the wrist, so that it  better fixed and fits well your hand. A leather glove is sewn inside. Unlike the cloth option, it is more durable and it will be more convenient for you to hold a weapon in it. This model is made of hardened steel. We add to this product rondels for fingers protection, which you can hold by the leather strap.

Despite the practicality of such plate gloves in the Middle Ages, we do not recommend using them in modern medieval combat. They are perfect for reconstruction, for sport they will be good as a glove under the shield for greater protection of the hand. Of course, you can put a rondel on your fingers and fight with it, but it would be better to consider another model to protect your hand (which we can also offer you). In modern fight, the load of crushing hits on the armor is much higher. And you can easily break your fingers.