Axes and halberds heads for two-handed pole weapons


Not available at the moment

Not available at the moment

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Perhaps you do not like the standard length of the halberd, and you want to create own weapon of pain. Or you have an idea how to do something special and terrifying. In any case, we are ready to help you. Take a two-handed weapon in your hands and bring some pain to this world.

Our axes and halberds weigh x grams. With such a mass of weapons you will be able to crash and smash the opponent’s armor. You can make it long, and strike with impunity, remaining unattainable for rivals. Or it will be shorter and more convenient for running and infighting. This is suitable for quickly move around the battlefield and knock down opponents. However, it will not bother you in battle. You can even give a halberd a name and no one would dare laugh at you with such a thing in a hand.

Everybody is afraid of halberdists, but they have not met you yet. Order and show rivals that they still do not know anything about fear.