Medieval Bastard axe for armored combat




Meet the Medieval Bastard axe – pain train.

The polearm to destroy your opponents in buhurts.

Back of the axe is smoothly rounded and could be used within IMCF and ACS leagues tournaments.


  • Weight 1560 – 1900 g (depends on handle)
  • Full length 100 cm
  • Blade length 15 cm

The choice of fighters who wants to hit harder, but don’t like long halberds. This is a good replacement for one-handed weapons. With this axe, you can put all the power into the strike with two hands, and its length would not hinder your movement during the battle. Also, our axes are improved, they are made taking into account the features of buhurts and convenient to use.

Axes have:

  • Strengthening near the axe’s head. The weapon is strengthened with a special cloth and wax-soaked rope at the junction of an axe’s head and a pole, since this is the weakest point. Strengthening looks historically and neat. So the weapon will serve you faithfully longer.
  • Hard pole. We use robust wood for our axes so that they can withstand heavy loads.
  • The optimal length of the weapon. For the bastard’s axe, we chose a length of 120-136 cm. This is convenient for quickly move around the battlefield and in combination with an axe mass for a strong hit. With such a long pole, it will be easier for you to knock down rivals, and it will not bother you in the wrestling. A good option for those who do not like too long halberds.
  • Angle of blade. Our axes are shaped in such a way that the all strike force falls on the minimum blade area. Given the length and weight of the weapon, you can hit extremely hard.

Order the Medieval Bastard axe and bring some pain into this world.

Additional information

Weight 1.56 kg
Dimensions 100 cm