Blackened forged axe with hammerhead


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The blackened forged axe with hammerhead has:

  • Handle, with thickening at the end. It will fits the hand, and you will be able to feel by touch if you hold it right, which is very convenient during a fight.
  • Strengthening near the axe’s head. The shaft strengthened with a special cloth.
  • Strengthening looks historically and neat. So the medieval axe will serve you faithfully longer.
  • Hard pole. We use robust wood for our axes so that they can withstand heavy loads.
  • The optimal length of the weapon. For an axe, the optimal length is 50-60 cm. This is convenient for moving quickly around the battlefield and, in combination with its mass, for a strong strike.
  • Good balance. All useful weight of the axe is at the head, and and you can hit hard.
  • Convenient form of axe head. The form is made so that all impact force falls on the minimum area when you strike from the top or side. So you can hit with maximum power.