Manju no wa


Available as made-to-measure



The Manju no wa made by MedievalExtreme.

The padding and chainmail combination we made as a part of Japanese armor for medieval combat.

The main goal is to protect chest and armpits of the owner from different strikes.

Made to measure and consist of:

  • 2 layers of fabric with padding
  • blackened riveted chainmail stitched to the padding

Historical reference:

Manju no wa, ( also manjunowa or manju nowa ) are a combination of shoulder pads, collar and armpit guards in one that protected the upper chest area. The west were covered with different types of armour including kusari (chain armour), karuta (small square or rectangular armour plates), or kikko (hexagon plates), these iron or leather armours or a combination of them were sewn to a cloth backing. The armour could be exposed or hidden between a layer of cloth. When worn the manju no wa looked like a small tight fitting vest. It have small wings that would pass under the arm pit area from the back and attach to the front of the manju no wa with a button, toggle or ties. Sources.