Padded chainmail aventail – 6×1 throat red leather edition




The model with reinforced throat part. Made of 6×1 chainmail to protect you against all types of stabs.

Made using red leather.

To make one for you – please send us the D measurement (neck girth without padding) in comment to order.

We developed this model to solve the problem of protecting the neck and collarbone in medieval battle. This is usually a weak point in the armor, because there is no protection between the body and the helmet. To get hit there is extremely unpleasant. We offer you an option that will protect you from hits in this vulnerable area.

Protection consists of a chain mail and quilted collar. We use 50/50 solid and riveted flat steel rings for the production of aventail. This gives the highest durability and reliability of chainmail. So armor can better protect you and will serve longer. Padded collar lies beneath the aventail and will reduce impact impulse to the neck or clavicle. The protection has a nice leather edging on top and is fastened with straps around the neck. You can adjust it for yourself as you like.

Such aventail was used in the 14th century before the appearance of plate options. You can supplement your armor by attaching it to the helmet. Suitable for medieval combat and reconstruction, especially if the period of reconstruction or the region of the armor does not allow to use plate protection of the neck. A good option for owners of the Bascinet type helmet and oriental models.