Brutal black falcions


Simple and rough falcions for simple and rough work.

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Please note, for HMB league from 2021 blackened falchions and heart shaped pommels do not pass the check.

For IMCF and ACW leagues it still work good.

One-handed weapon to beat people. Made specifically to smash/crash the armor, causing significant damage. The balance of the falchion and its length make it very suitable for mass battles and professional fights.

These falchions keep traces of forging and look brutal.  Simple, reliable and nothing extra. If you like the style of a stern soldier or a hardened mercenary, then we offer you our unpolished falchions with which you can enjoy your time breaking pretty knights in shine armor and kicking ass at a pompous reenactor.

Show what a gallant medieval infantry is worth. Order a falchion and break someone’s face.

Falchions FAQ

While we understand the appeal of a sharp blade, we strongly advise against it for several reasons. First, sharpening our swords could compromise the carefully crafted bluntness designed for safe sparring. This can increase the risk of injury not only for yourself but also for your opponent. Second, depending on your location, owning or carrying a sharpened sword might violate local laws and regulations. Therefore, we recommend sticking with our safe and legal blunted swords to enjoy armored combat without any unnecessary risks or complications.

Absolutely not! All our swords/falchions/axes and other weapons are carefully blunted and rounded according to the strictest armored combat league regulations. We prioritize your safety above all else, so you can experience the power and thrill of armored combat without worrying about accidental cuts or punctures. Remember, sharp swords are not only dangerous and prohibited in armored combat but also often restricted by local laws, so our blunted blades ensure you train and fight with confidence and peace of mind.

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Standard crossguard, h-shaped guard, Type 1 with standard crossguard, Type 2 with h-crossguard