Messer for armored combat buhurt optimized


Available as made-to-measure



The buhurt optimized Messer for armored combat – its a great choice for battle short sword.

Shorter than regular falchion and easier during wrestling or as spare weapon for pole-arm fighters.


  • Weight 1420 g
  • Full length 77 cm
  • Blade length 60.5 cm
  • Handle 16.5 cm
  • Balance point 12 cm

The blade made slightly longer than 60 cm according to regulations of Historical Medieval Battles (HMB).

The main difference with regular messers is simplified crosguard and fully steel handle with leather wrap.

The Messer for armored combat – knife in German – is a one handed sword with a single edge. Was popular in Northern Europe throughout the Middle Ages.

Additional information

Weight 1.42 kg
Dimensions 77 cm