Historical shoes for medieval battles


We offer you historical footwear made for fighting in armor. They are suitable of the period of 14-15 centuries. These shoes was created, taking into account the features of medieval combat.

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Not available at the moment

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The footwear is made of harder and tougher leather on the outside, so it is durable, but at the same time, you can easily move in shoes when you fighting, whether it’s wrestling or running. The shoes have a rubber sole, which gives a reliable grip and is ideal for movement on different surfaces – grass, sand, solid ground or rubble. It consists of several layers: a leather insole, a leather plate, a porous breathable orthopedic base and a ribbed rubber sole – this is a harder material, able to protect feet from injuries and shoes from early wear. In our boots, the sole is securely sewn and glued to the shoe.

The thread is impregnated with glue and then hidden in the cut of the sole to prevent wear of the shoes. We make the shoe sock harder. So it is better to protect your toes when you kick or do sweeps. This model has a high bootleg. With it, steel greaves will not rub your leg, and shoes will better fix your ankle. It will help footwear to protect your feet from spraying. Also, we can add several armpoints for reliable fixation of the sabatons.

We allow a slight deviation from the historical analogue, so the shoes can last longer and be more durable.