Functional Clamshell Gauntlets


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Titanium/Hardened steel Clamshell Gauntlets – protection for your hands. These gauntlets are historical stylization, it is are designed to protect your hand from a strong strike, with both one-handed and two-handed weapons.

A hand is one of the most vulnerable places to hit in a medieval battle. That is why it must be protected from all sides. Oriental-style gloves are suitable for this task. It is made of titanium and taking into account the features of the medieval combat. Fingers are covered by semicircular plates that lie on top of each other with an overlap. This will give them good mobility in combat and will keep your hand protected. Squeezing your fingers together, you turn the glove into a steel fist, which will withstand a direct hit, and you can blow an opponent in the face without fear of breaking your hand. The thumb is protected separately by plates that repeat its shape. The steel cuff closes the gap between your bracer and glove, no matter how you turn the brush.

We also want to emphasize one of the main advantages of the model of Clamshell Gauntlets – its weight. Due to the fact that gloves made from titanium, their weight are minimal – only 2075 grams for pair. We were able to lighten the armor without reducing its strength and reliability.

So order and be confident in your protection.

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Hardened steel, Titanium