Bascinet type Wolf Ribs

The updated model – this time with visor that would fit modern rules.

Helmet, that is perfect both for buhurts and single disciplines.

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Bascinet type Wolf Ribs are a historical stylization made for full contact medieval battles. Helmet was created on the basis of medieval engravings and miniatures of Western Europe, the end of the XIV – the beginning of the XV centuries.

The helmet includes:

  • Helmet with visor
  • Helmet padding
  • Chin stropes
  • Riveted chainmail
  • Hardened steel neck plate

You can be sure that helmet is ready for full contact battles.

This helmet is the best choice for single battles. The main advantage of this model is its excellent visibility and breathing space.

The visor of the helmet are brought forward and their position allows you to breathe fresh cool air and be less tired during a round. Due to the design of the ribs in the helmet are good visibility and audibility. This will help you better navigate in buhurt, hear commands and communicate with your teammates.

Also, this model is suitable for mass disciplines. The mask of the ribs is made fixed, and will not open during the fight. So it can withstand a direct hit with a two-handed helberd. And the streamlined shape of the helmet will not allow you to be grabbed by the head and hits will be easier to slide down of it, losing its power.

Get the Bascinet type Wolf Ribs and run right in battle!

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