Helmet Sugar Loaf


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Not available at the moment

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A late kind of tophelm with a streamlined shape of dome that existed in the 14th century. This is a historical stylization made for medieval combat. The sugar loaf is a very simple, functional and durable helmet. A great alternative to classic battle bascinet.

In this model, is emphasize to the overview, streamlined shape and convenience. In the helmet we added a lot of holes in the visor to make it easier to breathe and you are less tired during the fight. We also made a visor lift. In the intervals between fight, you will be able to raise it to rest. The observation slit is wider and closed with partition. The dome of the helmet is made streamlined so that the blows slide off and lose strength easier. Unlike the original sugar loaf, our helmet is made of two whole halves. This makes it stronger and more reliable, and will allow to better take a punch. The helmet has a mount along the bottom edge so that you can complement your protection with a chainmail collar.

A good alternative to bascinet. With this type of visor, it will be easier to breathe during the battle and your eyes will remain protected.