Knee plates


Simple and elegant solution to an unpleasant problem.

Not available at the moment

Not available at the moment



The knee remain an uncomfortable place for protection in armor. A standart poleyn does not close it completely. During movement in buhurt, or when you sit down, a gap appears in the armor. Namely, in the legs protection between the shin and knee. To get hit in such a vulnerable place is dangerous. Therefore, we offer you an option to protect your knee. A simple popliteal plate, attached with a strap around the knee and can be tied with shoelaces to the quilted stockings. Actually, this plate is part of a segmented poleyn with which you can supplement your leg protection. We chose titanium as the material – it does not inferior to steel in strength, but it is easier. This is especially nice, considering that the total weight of the armor is 30+ kg.