Simple steel sabatons


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Not available at the moment

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Foot protection for medieval combat. Such equipment will help keep your leg at safe.

Usually fighters think about buying a sabaton only after they have injured their feet in a fight. And this happens both in buhurts and in a 1 in 1 tournament. The opponent’s sword may hit too low, someone accidentally step on or fall on your foot, or will miss and hit you in the restricted area of ​​the foot – these are absolutely real options. And no one is immune from this. Therefore, we offer you to protect your foot now.

Our sabatons are made of steel and have only 3 segments. This is enough for the mobility of your legs in combat. With them you will be comfortable to run around the battlefield and fight. Also, sabatons are not only a way to protect the foot. Put it on your leg and kicks with the foot, do sweeps and other dangerous things without fear of breaking your fingers in battle.

Basic, simple and cheap model. It is reliable and suits well on any leg.