Steel skirt (pelvis protection)




In a buhurt during a fight, you may wrestling or be bent by someone, and a gap will appear in the armor between the body protection and the plate legs. In such situation, the lower vertebrae and pelvis will be defenseless. This is especially dangerous when you are held, and can’t escape from the strike. In this moment, your bones and muscles are under heavy load and getting hit there is dangerous and it threatens bone fracture and muscle injury.

Therefore, we offer you the option of additional armor for your protection. Model consists of hardened steel plates that are attached to the belt. They fold into a solid steel skirt and completely cover your pelvis and hips from all sides. No matter how bent you are, there will be no gap in the armor.

This protection is especially useful for mass battles, where is a two-handed polearm and the strikes with such weapon will be especially dangerous for you. Well suited in combination with a short tournament body protection.