One handed mace 03


Available as made-to-measure



One more buhurt toy – One handed mace 03 (see type 28 in attached source).

Supplied with pin and nail mounted into the head for better head fixation.

  • Weight: under 1 kg.
  • Length: 55 cm


The shaft is blackened and oiled to prevent a death of the shaft due to bad storage conditions ( or if you’ll forget it under the rain).

One-handed mace for buhurts. Made according to HMB and IMCF specifications. A good alternative in instead of axe or falchion. Unlike the falchion, all the weight of mace is at the head, but at the same time it has a six edges to strike from any position, which the axe does not has. This is the advantage of a mace, which will allow you to hit without missing. You will not have to think during a fight about how to turn the weapon in your hand to strike with a weapons blade. You will always hit the opponent.

Our mace improved, they are convenient to use and made taking into account the features of the medieval combat.

Our weapon has:

  • Pseudo- pommel handle on the end that fits comfortably in your hand. You will be able to determine by touch where you hold the weapon, and you don’t need to spend time looking at weapon.
  • Strengthening near the mace`s head. The weapon is strengthened with a special cloth and wax-soaked rope at the junction of a mace’s head and a pole, since this is the weakest point. Strengthening looks historically and neat. So the weapon will lasts you longer.
  • Hard pole. We use robust wood for our mace’s so that they can withstand heavy loads.
  • Maximum allowable weight. Our weapon weigh 900-1000 grams. This will allow full use of mace’s potential, and strike hard.
  • The optimal length of the weapon. For a mace the successful length is 50-60 cm. This is convenient for moving quickly around the battlefield and, in combination with its mass, for a strong hit.
  • Good balance. All useful weight of the weapon is at the head, and you will be able to strike using amplitude of the swing and weight of mace.
  • 6 hits ribs. Six edges is enough to not miss the hit your opponent, but the impact power don’t be distributed, and keep on the hit’s edge. So strikes have the greatest strength.