Simple mace


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Not available at the moment

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One-handed weapon for buhurts. Fits HMB and IMCF rules. A good alternative in instead of axe or falcion. Unlike the falchion, all the weight of mace is at the head, but at the same time it has a six edges to strike from any position, which the axe does not has. This is the advantage of a mace, which will allow you to strike an opponent without missing. You will not have to think during a fight about how to turn the weapon in your hand to strike with a weapons blade. You will always hit the opponent.

For our mace we make a strong pole and process it so that the weapon will lasts you longer. They are 50-60 cm long. This is convenient for moving quickly around the battlefield and, in combination with its mass, for a strong blow.

This is the simplest and cheapest version of the mace. If you still do not know which type of weapon is more suitable for you, or if you want something as simple as possible, you can choose this option.