Padded aventail + titanium plates for neck protection 2


A little thing, that can save your health and life.



We developed this model to solve the problem of neck protection in a medieval battle. Usually, the neck is a vulnerable place, because there is no protection between the body armor and the helmet. To get hit there is dangerous and painful. Therefore, we offer you an option that will close your neck from blows.

Protection consists of 3 plates and a padded aventail. They are made of strong material – titanium, which is not inferior to steel in strength, but makes armor lighter. Two side plates will cover you from side strikes, and the back plate will protect you from hits into the seventh vertebra. They are made solid-forged to better withstand the hits. Under the plates lies padded aventail. It is stuffed with batting and is perfect for softening the impact impulse.

The model is simple, but reliable and performs its function – protects you.

Order and be confident in your armor.