Pavise shield with custom logo


Pavise for historical reenactment.

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The Pavise rectangular shield is made of plywood, and its characteristic feature is a chute in the center of shield along the entire length. The ledge is made a separate part, so as not to weaken the structure. Outside, shield is covered with a cloth, and on the reverse side it has a belt and a handle for which it is comfortable to wear or fasten on back. Pavise could be completely covered with beautiful medieval paintings, as we made in this example. Historically, it was often painted in bright colors depicting scenes, emblem and Latin phrases.

Such a shield was used by infantry in the XIV-XVI centuries. The width of the pavise was from 40 to 70 cm, height – 1-1.5 m. It was made of light wood and covered with cloth or leather. Depending on the method of using, there were hand and standing pavise (the latter were often used by crossbowmen). Hand option were quadrangular, often tapering at the bottom. They were used by both infantry and knightly cavalry. Our shield repeats the historical analogue and is suitable for reconstruction.