Soft shield trapeze type

Shield for training medieval combat or tournaments with soft armor. Perfect for frequent use with long service life.

Not available at the moment
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We create our soft armor taking into account the features of the sport and practical to use. Such a shield repeats its wooden original well and it is convenient to imitate armored fights with it. It is made of two layers of durable and elastic special foam, fastened together. This gives him the necessary strength for training. Perfect for defending and fight hand to hand – you can not only beat the hits, but also punch the opponent with the edge of the shield. Outside, it has a covered that makes the equipment more durable. It is well suited for training buhurts and professional fights, but although it is suitable for single battles.

Our equipment is made so that in the design of soft and steel armor there are no significant differences, except for their weight. Soft gear allows you to fight in as close as possible to the battles in armor and train more often.