Soft shin guards

Greaves for training medieval combat or tournaments with soft armor.

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The main greaves function is to protect the shin and foot during training and when you kicking your leg. The soft armor is equipped with overlay on the shins and foots for better protection of the feet. The outer layer is made of high quality leatherette, which gives greaves high wear resistance and durability. Inside they are made of latex – a material that amortize well and soften impact impulse. Greaves fasten on the shins and on the foot with comfortable and practical velcro closures. Perfect for continuous and frequent use with long service life.

We make our soft armor so that in the design of the soft and steel armor there are no significant differences, except for weight. Equipment allows you to fight in the closest possible conditions to the battles in armor and imitate it in training. Soft protection allows you to fight in as close as possible to the battles in armor and simulate it in training. Greaves will give you the opportunity to train kicks, sweeps and protect your shin and foot from being hits with a soft sword.