Padded shield mitten with titanium plate


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Not available at the moment

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We wanted to solve the problem of protecting the fingers in battle. Sometimes the fighter does not have time to cover with a shield and he takes hits to the hand. Because of this, he can get injured and drop out of combat. Therefore, we offer you a model of the protective glove so that your hand was at safe during the fight.

Handmade padded mitten, made of natural durable fabric. Outside the glove has a batting layer for soften impact impulse, and the inside is made of flax to make it easier for you to hold a shield. We complemented the glove with three plates made of titanium – a material that does not inferior to steel in strength, but it is easier. Front and side plates completely close your fingers. They will protect you from hits and you will be comfortable holding a shield. A plate on the cuff will help protect the tendons of your hand.

The result is a light and simple glove with extra hand protection. If you want to protect your fingers more in fight, then we offer you this option.