Long simple falchion

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❇️Dated 1340y.
❇️Lenght 84cm
❇️Blade length 66cm
❇️Weight 1450g
❇️Balance point 19cm
❇️WMFC score 35.

Please note: Each falchion is hand made item and specs could be slightly different.

It is made specifically to smash the armor, causing significant damage. The balance of the falchion lies near the end, which makes it very effective in buhurts. Also, such a length of weapons will give you an advantage in a professional fight – you will be able to fight at a distance that is convenient for you and unhindered hit your opponent.

The falchion is made of hardened steel, due to which it is more reliable than an axe or mace. The leather winding fits comfortably in your hand, and it will not slip away during the fight.

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