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MedievalExtreme brand – the group of armorers, fighters, crafters and designers from Ukraine.

Our purpose is to make reliable armor for real full contact battles – buhurts and 1×1 tournaments.

Here you can get an armor and weapons made specially for HMB, IMCF and Armored Combat leagues.

My name is Mykola Avenirov and I’m the MedievalExtreme founder and a fighter with more than 9 years experience in buhurts and full contact battles.

You can find me here.

MedievalExtreme customers:

  • 5 star review  Excellent communication, exceptional treatment, fast shipping and high quality product. More purchases soon 🙂

    Mariano Fuertes Rion Avatar Mariano Fuertes Rion

    positive review  I've bought the titanium neck protection set. It fits very well, and offers good protection. Recommendable !!

    Crysagon Vom See Avatar Crysagon Vom See

    positive review  ordered a buckler, which was delivered super fast! Very light and top processed!

    Kadda Rother Avatar Kadda Rother

    positive review  Medieval Extreme really went above and beyond on my custom C-belt! Fits perfectly and the construction is solid! I will always recommend this crew for getting what you need and getting it done right!

    Lincoln Hawk Avatar Lincoln Hawk
  • positive review  Again perfect service! High quality and fast delivery besides great communication!

    Ingo Si Avatar Ingo Si

    positive review  Hello, I wanted to thank you for my order, the sizes correpondant perfectly, the quality and the work done was the price. I will come back to you for future orders. Moreover, the quality of the relationship is appreciable. Thank you again and see you soon. Good luck to you .

    Louis Firmin Avatar Louis Firmin

    positive review  great communication! I always appriciate that and my item arrived on time and in perfect condition! now I can help my team out with this wonderful axe

    Hunter Woodward Avatar Hunter Woodward

    positive review  Magnificent armorcraft. Every piece is art in metal. I couldn't be happier when I opened the package! 100% recommended!!

    Daniel Ramos Avatar Daniel Ramos
  • positive review  Really nice product and the delivery is very Fast ! Thank you so much. I recommand and i will order more on Médiéval Extreme !

    David Schaack Avatar David Schaack

    positive review  Awsome products, fast delivery and production, good price for a really good quality

    Tadeu Barreto Baumgärtel Avatar Tadeu Barreto Baumgärtel

    positive review  The service is very nice and simply... perfect. The delivery was a week earlyer then expected, the arms fit like a glove. I will order here again, for sure!

    Andre Schätz Avatar Andre Schätz

    positive review  superbe travail et délais respectés

    Francois Crampagne Avatar Francois Crampagne
  • positive review  Great! My command was quickly treated.

    Valentin Vaga Avatar Valentin Vaga

    5 star review  Purchased boots and titanium sabatons. Both are well-made and arrived without any issues.

    Fred Moody Avatar Fred Moody

    positive review  Excellent seller. Very professional and good resolutions. They sensed us several products and all in perfect conditions, fast delivery, cheapest shipping and good package. Official and helpfully invoice. And some gift like stickers, paths, etc. We are now regular customers 😉 GOOD JOB!!!

    Juanma Ruiz Avatar Juanma Ruiz

    positive review  Je conseil vivement de prendre votre fauchon ici. Je l ai reçu rapidement et en suis très content. sans parler que celui qui s occupe de messenger est très sympa

    Etienne Boutet Avatar Etienne Boutet
  • positive review  Excellent customer service, advice, quality and ease of ordering! Thanks!

    Mike Brenan Avatar Mike Brenan

    positive review  Awesome communication Awesome products That's all I am absolutely satisfied

    Yann Vé Avatar Yann Vé

    5 star review  I order ultimate edition axe and mace. Those arrived really fast. I am really satisfied. Those feels good and look really good. Medieval Extreme is awesome. I can recommed Medieval Extreme to everybody!

    Tuomas Juhonen Avatar Tuomas Juhonen

    5 star review  I'm happy customer, just get my titanium neck protections.Highly recommended

    Giulio Castruccio Avatar Giulio Castruccio
  • positive review  Buena calidad del material. atención al cliente impecable

    Eriz Cazorla Garrido Avatar Eriz Cazorla Garrido

    5 star review  I ordered some head protections and belt. Everything was perfect: communication, time to make them and I recieved them at time!!! I recommend for everybody to use "medieval extreme". very great!

    Jean Marie Avatar Jean Marie

    positive review  For me, Medieval Extreme manufactures one of the best medieval products. Thank you very much for the fantastic gloves and the speed with which you have made them.

    Adrian Palomo Gonzalez Avatar Adrian Palomo Gonzalez

    positive review  Very communicative and straightforward, and my arms and legs fit well and have taken a battering and are still functioning!

    Laura Loki Henderson Avatar Laura Loki Henderson
  • positive review  Received my order of battle boots and titanium sabatons. Great quality for what I see as a low price The boots are really well made and fit perfectly, the sabatons are of a very good quality. Time from ordering to completion was surprisingly quick If you are after boots or sabatons you should seriously consider ordering from medieval extreme.

    Grayson Tawhai Avatar Grayson Tawhai

    5 star review  Nice!

    Vasilije Batačanin Avatar Vasilije Batačanin

    positive review  I recommend buying here, fast shipping and very good service 👍

    Fröhling Max Avatar Fröhling Max

    positive review  Package just arrived! Great communication from ordering to shipping. Fits like a glove 😜 can’t wait to try it out in a fight! Also always love the extra bonus goodies in the packages. Sir Meow is my favorite 😸🗡⚔️🛡

    Katherine Herzog Avatar Katherine Herzog
  • positive review  Just received my new gambeson, C belt, titanium shield mitten and falchion from Medieval Extreme, everything is perfect and was delivered quickly. My third purchase from them and they have been awesome with their customer service and product every time 😁

    Matt Shaw Avatar Matt Shaw

    positive review  superbe qualité et livraison rapide ☺ en prime petit mots du vendeur Merci ☺

    Carlo Schanen Avatar Carlo Schanen

    positive review  I ordered my titanium brigandine from them. Price was good, delivery time was spot on and communication was great. I will happily buy from them again. Also, along with my brig they also sent a small repair kit with extra rivets (nails), washers, straps and linen thread - I wasn't expecting that and it's going to make maintaining the kit even easier. I would happily recommend them 5 out of 5 stars

    Christopher A Walters Avatar Christopher A Walters

    5 star review  Ordered a punch shield, gauntlets, full legs and falchion. Everything was perfect! Gauntlets fit perfect and very comfortable, rondels definitely will not slip off because of the way they put them on. Falchion is gorgeous and punch shield looks very durable and comfortable to wear. Splinted legs are comfortable. Shipment was very fast, very good communication, and affordable gear.

    Ian Mohammad Avatar Ian Mohammad

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