Measurement mismatch

MedievalEtxreme can make products according to the measurements that you yourself send us. We do this so that you can order goods in our shop from any country and were pleased to have chosen us. Our main task – the goods should suit you, meet your requirements and be of high quality.

That is why in case of non-compliance of the goods with the sizes that you send to us, we accept claims. But please be prepared to provide us with evidence of accurate measurements in the form of photos with the attached tape measure.

If this is our mistake, we will apologize and correct the mistake by remake the product or refund it. In case of an error of the customer, he still needs to contact us so that we can help to solve this problem. In both cases, send the product back to us. You have 14 days to compare order details, such as sizes, colors, etc., and 21 days to ship the item back.