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ROA helmet “Immortal” with brass cross visor

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  • This maces are awesome, it is nice to have one but you definetely not to get hit by one. Very good handling awesome impact. I am glad to have bought one this fine work and opponents get tears in their eyes see you one wielding cause you need very good armor to withstand them Thx alot to Nikolay it wont be the last time we buy at his store

    Thomas von Seelbach Avatar Thomas von Seelbach

    Quality craftsmanship with quick tracked shipping. Nothing not to love!

    Cab Allo Avatar Cab Allo
  • positive review  I ordered a custom made brigandine "wimbledon", the communication was very good (fast reply and clear informations). I was delivered in time. The brigandine was shipped carefully with a nice repair kit and goodies 🙂 The brigandine is very comfortable and seems solid to me (I already tested it in combat before posting :p)

    Bob Rémi Avatar Bob Rémi

    positive review  Super commercant et très belles armes. Reponds rapidement aux messages.

    Frédéric Moreaux Avatar Frédéric Moreaux
  • positive review  Super quick delivery, easy payment method . Will be using again in the near future .

    Phil McDonald Avatar Phil McDonald

    Quality gear Every thing takes years to mail to Australia but its that's just cause its Australia. I am looking forward to being the sexyest man in the list

    Jamie Hidalgo Avatar Jamie Hidalgo
  • Der Streitkolben kam schnell versendet und gut verpackt an. Ich bin ziemlich beeindruckt von der Qualität und dem Handling. Wer dem widerstehen will braucht schon eine verdammt dicke Rüstung mit richtig Polster darunter. Aber auch als Briefbeschwerer macht er eine gute Figur ;o) Ein kauf der sich lohnt.

    Jörg Martin Avatar Jörg Martin

    positive review  High quality, packed well, and shipped out fast! It is very nice having pieces made just your size! Great to work with!

    Brant Hale Avatar Brant Hale
  • positive review  Amazing customer service and production and shipping time to the US! Happy customer !!!

    Jamie Velandra Avatar Jamie Velandra

    positive review  Great products (I've personally purchased and tested out several), very friendly and helpful staff, and great shipping. would highly recommend for buhurt equipment.

    Nicholas Krupa Avatar Nicholas Krupa
  • positive review  Great service, speedy delivery from Ukraine to UK. the item is fantastic, well balanced and made. can't thank them enough, can't wait for the melee!

    Andy Doherty Avatar Andy Doherty

    positive review  Дякую за чудовий товар,швидку доставку)))Прийду ще обов'язково)))

    Виктор Лесюк Avatar Виктор Лесюк

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MedievalExtreme company – the group of armorers, fighters, and crafters from Ukraine.

Here you can buy reliable equipment for armored combat battles and special leagues within it: IMCF, HMB, and ACS. From helmets, brigantines, and gauntlets to falchions and axes. Looking for a sword? One-handed or two-handed? Easy! Medieval shield? Just choose a shape and image!

Need the new axe to dominate the battlefield? Easy! New brigandine to protect your body in the hottest battles? Just choose the size and material and boom – you are ready for the tournament.

The MedievalExtreme blacksmiths would be happy to make you a new tool of pain or armor piece so you will feel comfortable in buhurts or duel disciplines.

Buhurt is life and we are here to make your life easier.