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  • positive review  Really nice product and the delivery is very Fast ! Thank you so much. I recommand and i will order more on Médiéval Extreme !

    David Schaack Avatar David Schaack

    5 star review  I ordered a set of elbows and pauldrons from the xmas 2017 sale. I will say that I understand that shipping international does take a bit of time and that was fine. when I received the package, I realized that the elbows might be a bit small for me. I dont care, the workmanship is excellent. no grind marks, no planishing marks, just clean clean metal that looks beautiful. And the pauldrons, I am in heaven. they are just pretty to look at. I would recommend anyone and everyone should buy some of this artist product.

    David Patton Avatar David Patton
  • positive review  Great service and good prices.

    Pjotr Slavstra Avatar Pjotr Slavstra

    positive review  Just received my new gambeson, C belt, titanium shield mitten and falchion from Medieval Extreme, everything is perfect and was delivered quickly. My third purchase from them and they have been awesome with their customer service and product every time 😁

    Matt Shaw Avatar Matt Shaw
  • positive review  отримав щіт, заїбісь, закладу ще

    Roman Roman Avatar Roman Roman

    positive review  Really great.I wasn't really aware of the mobility of the lobster tail but it is great. It fits my gambeso on absolutely well.As for the axe, I like the fact that the head is close from the shaft. You can't really hook it on something. And the destruction power is absolutely crazy !Great order overall

    Alex Pons Avatar Alex Pons
  • 5 star review  I order sabatons in january and all it's very well. I order again for gantlets this time .... I cannot wait to get them.

    Mac Cross Lochlan Avatar Mac Cross Lochlan

    5 star review  Totally perfect quality quick delivery awesome weapon... Can't wait to test it!!!! Thanks for your Work!!!!!!

    Robert Freiboiter Avatar Robert Freiboiter
  • positive review  Very happy with my new Sabatons and Greaves, perfekt fit, great Service and very fast production. 😍

    Hannes Jäckle Avatar Hannes Jäckle

    positive review  Ordered with them. Very quick delivery 👌.Excellent Quality for incredible prices. 💪🏽♥️.💯% Satisfied

    AbdelMalik Al Asmar Avatar AbdelMalik Al Asmar
  • positive review  I bought shoes with sabatons. Overall good quality, the shoes fit great. After adding a sports shoe Inlay it feels almost like running in a basketball shoes. That clearly weighs up the waiting time for production and transport from the Ukraine. => strong recommendation!

    Benjamin Niemeyer Avatar Benjamin Niemeyer

    5 star review  I buy some titanium parts. And now i love it �

    Stephan Bode Rosmann Avatar Stephan Bode Rosmann

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