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  • 5 star review  I bought a new shield and I can't find words for the quality of the work that's put into it. Overall good service and top quality product. 5/5!

    Oscar Gregers Nielsen Avatar Oscar Gregers Nielsen

    positive review  Prices are VERY reasonable for the overall shopping experience; that includes customer-vendor communication, expedient construction, and shipping time (even during COVID times). Medieval Extreme has more than earned their positive reputation in the world of armored combat/buhurt.

    Jonathan Hinnen Avatar Jonathan Hinnen
  • 5 star review  Nice Work also very fast only short time between Order and Delivery and thier stuff use to bei Magic cause i get less Hits with a little Punch schield from them as with my big infantry schield 😁

    Johannes Quendt Avatar Johannes Quendt

    5 star review  Just got my gauntlet, fits great and feels like im not warring one. Its super protective, im sure you can fight a bear and you will be fine after. The thumb protection is the best I have seen. Shipping was fast. Over all I am very satisfied with my order and would continue to buy from them.

    Keno Sornito Igano Avatar Keno Sornito Igano
  • positive review  These folks provide a very professional and reliable service.I recently received my new expertly painted punch shield and blackened falchon .the falchon unfortunately was not quite right but they were happy to discuss options and costs to have it sent back and adjusted .They were very apologetic throughout the process and happy to do whatever was needed to make things right. Medieval extreme provide a Very professional service and there product quality and communication are Excellent! Really love the patches , stickers and the personalised thankyou note which shows just how much they care for their customers. Thanks so much folks for my new pain dealers

    Dan Takleberry Hart Avatar Dan Takleberry Hart

    positive review  Product of quality by an awesome team that communicates really professionaly with the customers. Fast delivery given the current circumstances. I highly recommend them ! I'm really happy with my order !

    Orphée Hagenstein-Muller Avatar Orphée Hagenstein-Muller
  • positive review  We are a team from Austria and ordered for longsword gaundlets, we are totally happy with them, the steal everything is made with love, thank you, your team from Salzburg, VK Salzburg Innagebirg tobi, Danisan and akin

    Danisan Lechner Avatar Danisan Lechner

    positive review  Bought a C-belt and Bombproof Mittens 2.0. Very quick to ship, great customer service (quick to respond to your messages if you have any queries). Thanks again Medieval Extreme!

    Fearghal Kelleher Avatar Fearghal Kelleher
  • positive review  Ordered many things from medieval extreme, been very pleased every time. Great service, fantastic products. Will order more

    Curran Odinson Avatar Curran Odinson

    positive review  Fast shipping, no hassle. Punch shield is great and cannot wait to use it!

    Colm O'b Avatar Colm O'b
  • 5 star review  This maces are awesome, it is nice to have one but you definetely not to get hit by one. Very good handling awesome impact. I am glad to have bought one this fine work and opponents get tears in their eyes see you one wielding cause you need very good armor to withstand them Thx alot to Nikolay it wont be the last time we buy at his store

    Thomas von Seelbach Avatar Thomas von Seelbach

    positive review  Świetny kontakt z obsługą, szybka realizacja i świetny produkt, polecam serdecznie!!!

    Adam Rossa Avatar Adam Rossa

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MedievalExtreme company – the group of armorers, fighters and crafters from Ukraine.

Here you can buy reliable equipment for armored combat battles and special leagues within it: IMCF, HMB, ACS. From helmets, brigantines and gauntlets to falchions and axes. Looking for a sword? One handed or two handed? Easy! Medieval shield? Just choose a shape and image! The MedievalExtreme blacksmiths would happy to make you a new tool of pain or armor piece so you will feel yourself comfortable in buhurts or duel disciplines.

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