The Equipment for a full contact battles

Get new buhurt optimized armor

The buhurt weapons

falchions, axes, helberds, swords

Supplies for full contact battles

shields, rondels, etc

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  • positive review  Very communicative and straightforward, and my arms and legs fit well and have taken a battering and are still functioning!

    Laura Loki Henderson Avatar Laura Loki Henderson
  • positive review  Excellent communication and advice and most importantly the product is outstanding. Awesome the finish and quality

    Neil Hoe Say Avatar Neil Hoe Say
  • positive review  I ordered a brigandine skirt from them. The shipping was incredibly fast and the quality of the skirt is astounding! I can't wait to test it out and put it to use!

    Ayslin Castro Avatar Ayslin Castro
  • positive review  best protection on the market!

    Gianni Brivio Avatar Gianni Brivio
  • positive review  Lots of quality stuff in stock, good prices and free shipping make medieval extreme a go to for any fighter or team looking to get started or upgrade. Great service and Paypal accepted.😃

    Lance Gadsby Avatar Lance Gadsby

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