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Basic armor kit for armored combat - helmet


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Customer reviews:

  • Excellent armor. Fast delivery. 🙂

    Hendrik Futterlieb Avatar Hendrik Futterlieb

    positive review  Got my beautiful axe and shield mitten. Fast shipping, fair Price.

    Wang Bread Avatar Wang Bread
  • positive review  Bought a mace from Medieval Extreme and very pleased!! Excellent product, well made and fantastic customer service. I’m in the UK and received it in about 5 days with no hassle at all. Thank you!

    Gunner Murdock Avatar Gunner Murdock

    Good Stuff, fast delivery and Friendly contact. Always again.

    Robert Hambitzer Avatar Robert Hambitzer
  • positive review  I just got my Wimbledon in the mail and it is unbelievably perfect. It fits great and is well made. Well worth the money. Totes would recommend

    James Wolfe Avatar James Wolfe

    positive review  Absolutely beautiful work, the customer service is top notch and the ease of buy from overseas via PayPal is the best! The artwork is so beautiful I almost just want to use it as a wall hanger ?. 5/5 perfect!

    Ryan Vanbergen Avatar Ryan Vanbergen
  • positive review  Excellent customer service! My falchion, grappling shield, and shield mitten are all from medieval extreme. My most recent order was their titanium heavy shield mitten which is super comfortable and provides excellent protection. Also, with express shipping the shield mitten only took 11 days to reach me in the U.S after I placed my order!

    Jimmy Shock Avatar Jimmy Shock

    positive review  Quality equipment, great communication between customer and company, and also you get cartoonish Buhurt stickers with your order, which is relatively minor in comparison to shields and longaxes but I enjoyed nonetheless.

    Greg Sch Avatar Greg Sch
  • positive review  Ordered gambeson from Me and it was perfect! Thank you and i Will Come again! ??

    Matti Schadrin Avatar Matti Schadrin

    positive review  Ordered once so far. Shipping was really fast. Communication was excellent during the whole process. My order fits like a glove and I even received some goodies for free. I will most definitely order again. Update: Ordered another time. Communication was outstanding during the whole process. Quality/ price ratio is excellent. Will order again.

    Andreas Blank Avatar Andreas Blank
  • positive review  Great work on my shield and axe! Very solid and nice clean lines for the artwork and construction.

    Christopher Beckes Avatar Christopher Beckes

    positive review  these guys are great. well crafted equipment, thoughtfully packaged, quick shipping and excellent communication. plus a nice bonus of small gifts! highly recommended

    Mish Scott Avatar Mish Scott

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MedievalExtreme company – the group of armorers, fighters and crafters from Ukraine.

Here you can buy reliable equipment for armored combat battles and special leagues within it: IMCF, HMB, ACS. From helmets, brigantines and gauntlets to falchions and axes. Looking for a sword? One handed or two handed? Easy! Medieval shield? Just choose a shape and image! The MedievalExtreme blacksmiths would happy to make you a new tool of pain or armor piece so you will feel yourself comfortable in buhurts or duel disciplines.

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