Titanium full shield mitten


Made to be used with punch shields and bucklers.
Material: Titanium VT1
Weight: 540g

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Such a glove is needed in order to protect your arm, which hold shield. Sometimes the hits fall at such an angle that you do not have time to cover with shield and you get hit on an unprotected hand. It is dangerous and threatens to break fingers. Therefore, we want to offer you this option.

Bugurt-optimal glove to protect the hand. It is made taking into account the features of the medieval combat. The fingers are protected by plates, which in large numbers lie on each other with an overlap. This design will keep your hand intact. Squeezing your fingers together, you turn the glove into a solid fist that can withstand a direct hit, and you can hit the opponent in the face, without fear of breaking your arm. The thumb is protected by separate plates that repeat its shape. With this model it is convenient to hold a shield and fight in mass battles. It is a complete protection of your hand, that is, if your shield breaks down in a fight, but you are wearing a bracer with this glove, you can continue the fight, no matter what.

A separate advantage of this protection will be its weight. Due to the fact that the gloves are titanium, their weight is minimal – only 540 grams. Extralight and durable, it will keep your hand at safe. We were able to lighten the armor without reducing its strength and reliability.

If you want to add your armor and protect fingers, such mitten will suit you.

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For left hand, For right hand