Titanium full shield mitten


Titanium Fury: Master the Punch with This 600g Gauntlet (Fits palms up to 10cm). Rule the close combat arena.

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Introducing the Titanium Full Shield Mitten: Conquer the Field with Unwavering Confidence.

Tired of flinching every time a blow threatens your unprotected hand? ️ Introducing the Titanium Full Shield Mitten, your ultimate defense against unexpected strikes and shattered fingers.

The mitten is multisize and fits palms up to 10 cm in width.

Imagine this: the heat of battle, your shield raised, adrenaline pumping. Suddenly, a blow veers off course, aimed straight at your exposed hand. But fear not! The Shield Mitten stands guard, an impenetrable barrier forged from lightweight (only 0.6 kg!), titanium VT 1.0.

Here’s why this mitten is a game-changer:

  • Unbreakable Defense: Overlapping titanium plates shield your fingers, transforming your hand into an iron fist that can withstand direct hits and even deliver powerful counter-blows.
  • Unmatched Protection: The thumb gets its dedicated armor, mimicking its natural shape for all sides protection.
  • Shield Down, Fight On: Even if your shield falters, the Titanium Full Shield Mitten remains your unwavering defender, allowing you to continue the fight without fear.
  • Lightweight Titan: Don’t let the “titanium” fool you. This mitten is surprisingly light at only 600 grams, ensuring unmatched agility and maneuverability on the battlefield.
  • Buhurt-Ready Design: Every detail is meticulously crafted for medieval combat. The overlapping plates dissipate impact, while the overall design allows for a comfortable grip on your shield.

Whether you’re a seasoned warrior or a rising star in the armored combat scene, the Full Shield Mitten is your ticket to unshakeable confidence and unyielding protection.

Order yours today and experience the difference!

Hand Armor FAQ

A, B and F – are measurements for the gauntlets required to make them or find out the right size.

Gather your tools:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Flexible measuring tape
Hand measurements for the gauntlets FAQ 1

Step 1: Trace your handprint:

Lay your hand flat, fingers relaxed. Carefully outline your entire hand, including fingertips and wrist.

Hand measurements FAQ 2

Step 2: Palm length:

Grab the measuring tape and measure the straight line from your middle finger’s tip to your palm’s base at the wrist. This is your palm length (A).

Step 3: Knuckle width:

Using the outline you drew on the paper in step 1, measure the straight-line distance across the knuckles (B).

Hand measurements FAQ 3

Step 4: Palm circumference:

Keep your fingers relaxed and together. Wrap the tape snugly around your knuckles This is your palm circumference (F).

Hand measurements FAQ 4

Pro tips for perfect sizing:

  • Dominant hand: If one hand is larger, mark it for specific size checks.
  • Size up: When between sizes, opt for slightly larger measurements for the gauntlets
Hand measurements FAQ 5

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg