15th century falchion with scabbard


Available as made-to-measure



The 15th century falchion with scabbard and D guard made according to armored combat specifications – HMB, IMCF, ACS.

The D guard provides extra layer of protection to your hand.

The scabbard made of wood, leather and stainless steel furniture. The scabbard supplied with a special loop to be securely attached to your belt.

Specifications for falchion:

  • Weight 1700 g
  • Full length 88 cm
  • Blade length 69.5 cm
  • Handle 18.5 cm
  • Balance point 7 cm

Specifications for falchion with scabbard:

  • Weight 2990 g
  • Length 96 cm


Additional information

Weight 2.99 kg
Dimensions 96 cm