Arming sword for HMB and IMCF


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Meet the new model of arming sword for HMB and IMCF duel disciplines. Based on classic medieval European arming swords.

It is light – 1300g is the minimal weight for HMB dueling disciplines so it allows getting maximum strike speed for your sword/shield and sword/buckler duels.

Short crossguard allows this sword to sit deep in your gauntlet – so you can keep it as close to point of balance as possible.

A long blade will help you to reach your opponents better.


  • Full length 88 cm
  • Blade length 70.5 cm
  • Grip length 12 cm
  • Crossguard length 8 cm
  • Balance point 6-6.5 cm
  • Weight ~1300-1350 g

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