Falchion “Conquerer”


Available as made-to-measure



The Falchion “Conquerer” is perfect for buhurt fighters looking for a reliable and durable weapon.

With a full length of 77 cm, a blade length of 60.5 cm, a handle of 16.5 cm, and a balance point of 17 cm, it is a great choice for all types of fights. The D-shaped guard provides optimal protection against hard strikes while the 1395 g weight gives you great control and maneuverability. It’s really hard to drop or lose it in battle.

Plus, with a WMFC rate of 30 points, it is rated for male pro-fights, making it a great choice for serious fights.

Get ready to conquer the buhurt world with the falchion “Conquerer”!


  • Weight 1395 g
  • Full length 77 cm
  • Blade length 60.5 cm
  • Handle 16.5 cm
  • Balance point 17 cm
  • WMFC rate 30 points (rated for male pro-fights).

Additional information

Weight 1.395 kg