Eastern padded set


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The eastern padded set is the set designed to be used with your eastern kit gear and provides the necessary padding for armored combat battles.

The set includes: 

  • Eastern-style padded Gambeson ( also known as Ottoman empire padded kaftan)
  • Padded pants

The model was extremely popular among the Eastern tribes during the XII-XIV centuries.

Both items are made of high-density cotton according to your measurements and color preferences.

The inner layer is made of batting – the natural woolen material that absorbs shock and sweat.

The kit is washable.

The next measurements are required to make the eastern padded set right for your size:

  1. Eastern gambezone: B, F, G, H, S (sleeve length), preferred length of the gambezone – measured from the base of your neck – measured in front, your weight.
  2. Padded pants: Y (from H zone to the floor), AB (groin zone to the floor), I (widest zone), J (knee), K(widest zone), L.

Measurements chart

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