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Looking for proper padding to enhance your experience in armored combat battles? Look no further than the Eastern padded set by Medieval Extreme. This set is specifically designed to be used with your Eastern kit gear, providing both comfort and protection during buhurt fights.

The Eastern padded set includes an Eastern-style padded gambeson, also known as an Ottoman Empire padded kaftan, and padded pants. These two items are made of high-density cotton and are tailored to your measurements and color preferences. The inner layer is made of batting, a natural woolen material that absorbs shock and sweat.

The set includes: 

  • Eastern-style padded Gambeson ( also known as Ottoman empire padded kaftan)
  • Padded pants

Not only is this padded set historically accurate and stylish, but it’s also functional and washable. The high-density cotton material ensures the set is extremely durable and able to withstand the rigors of buhurt fights.

Proper padding is essential in buhurt, as it can help reduce the impact of blows and prevent serious injuries. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your safety in battle. Invest in the Eastern padded set by Medieval Extreme and enjoy the added comfort and protection it provides.

The next measurements are required to make the eastern padded set right for your size:

  1. Eastern gambezone: B, F, G, H, S (sleeve length), preferred length of the gambezone – measured from the base of your neck – measured in front, your weight.
  2. Padded pants: Y (from H zone to the floor), AB (groin zone to the floor), I (widest zone), J (knee), K(widest zone), L.

Measurements chart

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XL, Made-to-measure