Basic hardened steel mittens


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Ditch the Glitz, Grab the Steel: Basic Hardened Steel Mittens

Forget about the frills and forget about the fancy. Armored combat is about raw power, and these Basic Hardened Steel Mittens are all about turning your hands into weapons.

These aren’t your museum display pieces. These are battle-ready beasts, inspired by history but built to dominate the modern armored combat arena.

Here’s why these mittens are all business:

  • Hands Off!: Your hands are magnets for enemy whacks. These mittens say “absolutely not” with full, 360-degree protection.
  • Built to Last: Crafted from toughened steel, these bad boys shrug off blows like it’s nothing. No worrying about cracked knuckles or mangled fingers here.
  • Move Like a Predator: Forget clunky metal buckets. Overlapping finger plates keep you protected without sacrificing your agility. Strike fast, strike hard.
  • Steel Fist, Iron Will: Clench your fist and transform these mittens into a solid steel hammer. Dominate close combat and forget about broken bones – yours or your opponent’s.
  • Thumb’s Up for Protection: Separate thumb plates mimic your natural movement, ensuring you can still grab your weapon or shield without restriction.
  • Battle Ready, Right Now: No need to mess with liners or complicated setups. These mittens come with built-in padding for comfort. Just slip them on and get ready to crush your competition.

Basic Hardened Steel Mittens: No frills, just pure, unadulterated hand protection for the serious armored combatant.

Hand Armor FAQ

A, B and F – are measurements for the gauntlets required to make them or find out the right size.

Gather your tools:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Flexible measuring tape
Hand measurements for the gauntlets FAQ 1

Step 1: Trace your handprint:

Lay your hand flat, fingers relaxed. Carefully outline your entire hand, including fingertips and wrist.

Hand measurements FAQ 2

Step 2: Palm length:

Grab the measuring tape and measure the straight line from your middle finger’s tip to your palm’s base at the wrist. This is your palm length (A).

Step 3: Knuckle width:

Using the outline you drew on the paper in step 1, measure the straight-line distance across the knuckles (B).

Hand measurements FAQ 3

Step 4: Palm circumference:

Keep your fingers relaxed and together. Wrap the tape snugly around your knuckles This is your palm circumference (F).

Hand measurements FAQ 4

Pro tips for perfect sizing:

  • Dominant hand: If one hand is larger, mark it for specific size checks.
  • Size up: When between sizes, opt for slightly larger measurements for the gauntlets
Hand measurements FAQ 5

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