Load bearing belt (c-belt)




The load bearing belt system (load bearing belt) is a required attribute of a participant in medieval combat. You will need it in any case for attaching armor protection of your legs. But for many fighters it is difficult to find the suitable and convenient belt for themselves. We have tried various options, therefore, we know the inconvenience you may face. The army systems are not quite suitable for our sport. With them the weight of plate legs partially hangs on your shoulders and some do not like that it is not historical.

You can use a historical vest, but it is difficult to sew, and if it is sewn wrong, the whole weight of the plate legs will hang on your shoulders.

The leather belt is also in demand, but if it is narrow, it will cut into your skin during a fight and slide down while moving.

Therefore, we offer you our new development – the load bearing belt for attaching plate legs. A great choice for the armor to keep it in place and stay well protected. We made the. belt of cloth, batting, and leather, and fit historical styling, though there was no historical example.

Behind and on the sides, the belt expands so the cloth base fits to your body. So it will be able to sit comfortably on the waist, evenly distributing the weight of the armor. Also it will not cut into skin or slide down during the battle.

We sewed a leather to the belt, on which the steel hips will be attached. We made them especially wide so that the belt would firmly hold the armor and does not let you down in the battle. In front you can adjust it by two leather straps. So you can adjust the belt for yourself, so that it was comfortable for you.

We offer you to try this load bearing belt and sincerely hope that you like it.