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We created this model to solve the problem of protecting the neck and collarbone in HMB AND IMCF. Neck is usually a weak point in the armor, because there is no protection between the body and the helmet. Getting hit there is painful and dangerous. Therefore, we offer you an option that completely cover your neck from different sides attacks.

The model consists of plates and a cloth base. Lightweight and durable plates are perfect to protect you. The plates in a circle lie on each other with an overlap and form a solid collar. Such design will weaken the blow to the neck area and close gap between helmet and body. At the same time, due to the arrangement of the plates, the model remains mobile and will not prevent you from turning your head. The cloth base of the collar consists of two layers, fastened together – a lasting tarpaulin on the inside and wool on the outside. This makes it wear resistant and more durable.

The hand-painted logo can make your collar unique.

The total weight of the model is minimal. With the help of lacing, you can fix the protection on the neck, for convenient use.

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Hardened steel, Titanium