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Attention buhurt fighters! Keep your neck protected during the bohurt with the Neck Protection 5 Plates Set. This set consists of 5 plates that are made of 1mm thick blackened hardened steel or polished titanium.

The set includes a large back plate measuring 18x11cm and two smaller side plates measuring 21×12 cm each. These plates are made to be stitched to your helmet padded aventail, providing extra protection to your neck during battle.

  • Large back plate: 18×11 cm
  • Smaller side plates: 21×12 cm
  • Thickness: 1 mm

This set is designed to keep you safe and comfortable during intense medieval combat. The plates are made to withstand the rigors of buhurt fighting, and their 1mm thickness offers ample protection without weighing you down.

So if you’re a buhurt fighter looking for a great level of neck protection, look no further than this 5-plate set. With its high-quality materials, this set is sure to keep you safe and ready for battle.

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Hardened steel blackened, Titanium