Advanced Zweihänder two-handed sword


Not available at the moment

Not available at the moment



This Advanced Zweihänder Two-handed sword for armored combat – made according to HMB and IMCF technical requirements.

The Zweihänder also Doppelhänder , Beidhänder, Bihänder or BidenhänderSpadone a due mani is a large two-handed sword primarily in use during the 16th century by German Landsknechte during late middle ages.


  • Full length 160 cm
  • Blade length 115 cm
  • Handle length 46 cm
  • Main cross-guard length 28 cm
  • Small cross-guard length 9 cm
  • Balance point 1 cm from cross-guard
  • Weight: 3000 g
  • Steel thickness 4 mm hardened spring steel