Carolingian sword type X three-lobed pommel


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Carolingian sword type X that was widely used during 8 – 11th centuries and optimized for medieval combat.

Overall length of the sword is 88cm

Weight: ~1400g

The sword is blunted and rounded according to the rules of reenactment events and medieval combat tournaments.

This pommels corresponds with 188 swords in Norway (37%), 58 in Sweden (12%), 43 in Finland (9%), 18 in Denmark (4%), 75 in Western Europe (15%) and 110 in Eastern Europe (23%). The origin can be traced to Merovingian swords, with the three-lobed pommel being based on a pommel with animal heads on the sides. This principle appeared in Scandinavia at the end of 8th century under the influence of Early-Carolingian swords, and supported by English influence in 9th century, it remained there until the beginning of 11th century. Source.

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