Long axe “Amnesia” for mass battles


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The Ultimate Battle Axe for Crushing Your Opponents

Need a weapon that can deliver unforgettably heavy strikes and crush your opponents in battle? Look no further than our Long Axe “Amnesia”. We designed this battle axe for mass battles for the “long axe” category. With a hardened steel axe head, it will bring fresh bruises to your opponents. Get ready to dominate the battlefield with our Long Axe “Amnesia”.


  • Weight 2210 g
  • Full length 126 cm
  • Blade length 29 cm

Unbeatable Durability for Maximum Impact

Our Long Axe “Amnesia” is not just any ordinary axe. We have built it to withstand the rigors of battle, with a hardened steel axe head and a durable shaft that can withstand even the toughest blows. Whether you’re battling it out in HMB or IMCF competitions, this axe will deliver maximum impact with every swing, making it the perfect choice for serious combatants.

Perfectly Balanced for Unmatched Control

We understand that control is key when it comes to combat weapons. This is why our axe is perfectly balanced for unmatched control. With a full length of 126cm and a blade length of 29cm, this axe will give you maximum control over your swings, ensuring that you hit your target with precision and accuracy every time.

Long axe "Amnesia" and long axe "Justice" compared to person

Long axe “Amnesia” and long axe “Justice” compared to the person.

Additional information

Weight 2.21 kg
Dimensions 126 cm