Basic articulated armor kit for armored combat


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Introducing the Basic Articulated Armor Kit for Armored Combat – your steadfast companion on the exciting journey into the world of buhurt. Crafted from 32 kg of robust hardened steel, this kit is designed to keep you secure and confident in the heat of battle.

Key Features:

  1. Elongated Brig Design: Ensures protection for your hip joints, offering comprehensive coverage.
  2. Special Shape Shoulders: Designed to eliminate gaps in the shoulders, providing impeccable mobility.
  3. Articulated Legs: Equipped with large side plates, offering absolute knee protection and unhindered movement.
  4. 3 Segmented Greaves: Balancing mobility and protection, compatible with various sabatons.
  5. Spoletto Helmet: Provides facial protection and an imposing aesthetic.
  6. Gauntlets with Wide Wrist Zone: Enhances your hand movement.

The packages include:

1. Starter

2. Basic

3. Advanced

  • Basic plate arms and shoulders for buhurt
  • Basic articulated legs for armored combat
  • Basic gauntlets for armored combat
  • Basic Brigandine “Wimbledon”
  • Bonus: Free C-belt Free shipping

4. Ultimate


Regarding the add-ons:

  1. Enhance your kit with the Padded Kit, a combo of the basic gambezone and padded pants. This allows us to craft both steel and padded components simultaneously, tailored to your precise body measurements.
  2. Elevate the Basic Brigandine “Wimbledon” by opting for a titanium upgrade, reducing its weight by an impressive 30-40%.
  3. Upgrade your greaves to fully closed anatomical greaves, providing an extra layer of protection for your legs.
  4. Personalize your kit with an Advanced Brig Design featuring 2-4 colors. Choose from halves, quarters, or chess patterns to make your brig uniquely yours.

Gear up with confidence and embrace the thrill of buhurt with our comprehensive Basic Articulated Armor Kit.

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