Bascinet Spoleto – Bacinet with visor


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We designed the bascinet Spoleto specially according to the needs of the buhurt fighters.

Bascinet for Protection and Safety

  • The Bascinet Spoleto is the ultimate protective gear for armored combat
  • Made from hardened 30HGSA steel and riveted chainmail, it ensures maximum protection
  • The dome and visor are securely attached and come with padded liner and aventail for extra comfort and safety

Customization and Durability of the Helmet

  • We make each helmet according to your measurements ensuring a perfect fit
  • The helmet is made with a 2.5 mm dome and 1.5-2 mm visor for maximum durability
  • It comes with 3 plates for neck protection and 2 sets of chin straps for customization

Historical and Artistic Significance of Spoleto

  • The Bascinet Spoleto is a stunning piece of historical armor, painted on the walls of the Affresco camera Pinta in Spoleto, Italy
  • Dated from 1392-1416 years, this helmet carries a rich history and cultural significance
  • As a work of art, the Bascinet Spoleto showcases intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship that is sure to impress


The helmet includes:

  • Dome with securely attached visor
  • button and strap to keep the visor
  • Padded liner
  • Padded aventail
  • 3 plates for neck protection
  • 2 sets of chin straps
  • riveted chainmail.


  • Dome 2.5 mm
  • Visor 1.5-2 mm
  • Hardened 30HGSA steel
  • Steel riveted chainmail

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